Buttery Carrots and Rutabaga

Published on December 14, 2017

After eating the wrong way for many years, the anti-inflammatory Paleo (AIP) and Paleo diets are a big step in the right direction to healing the gut, and the brain, getting the whole body functioning properly, and bringing a body to its ideal weight. The research done by Paleo advocates and various health professionals and nutritionists has resulted in the truth about the various foods and what is right for each individual person so they can heal. We didn’t need to stay away from butter. We just needed butter from cows that are eating grass out in the field like they used to. Western medicine has made a lot of mistakes. The food companies have made a lot of mistakes. Teachers are rising up and people are becoming educated so they can heal from what has happened to us.

PaleoLeaps.com is an very helpful resource for eating healthy with a lot of Paleo recipes. The following is from their post on the “Many Virtues of Butter”
“…butter {from grass fed cows} is a high-quality cooking fat rich in Vitamin K2 and healthy fats that help reduce inflammation, improve gut health, and even protect against weight gain.”

“Vitamin K2/’Activator X’

Once upon a time in Cleveland, Ohio, there was a dentist called Weston A. Price who was really interested in the nutritional underpinnings of health. To make a long story very short, he traveled all around the world and documented the diets of traditional cultures with very low rates of tooth decay and cavities. Then he came home and did experiments on his patients until he had isolated some of the foods he thought were particularly important for dental health.

One of the nutritional observations he made was the existence of some substance called “Activator X:” it sounds like a science project from the next Captain America movie, but it’s actually a nutrient that helps the body use other vitamins to strengthen bones and teeth. Weston A. Price determined that it was present in butter (among other foods, like bone marrow and fish eggs), but didn’t know much else about it.

Today, we think Activator X is probably Vitamin K2. You can read all about Vitamin K2 here, but here are the highlights:

Vitamin K2 helps your bones use calcium properly, so it ends up in your skeleton where they belong (and not, say, in your arteries where it doesn’t belong and where it causes dangerous plaques). Vitamin K2 is also important for other vitamins, like A and D – Dr. Price called it an “activator” because it helps your bones use those vitamins. So it’s important for bone health and for heart health.
You can make it from Vitamin K1 (that’s the “vitamin K” in vegetables) but the conversion is inefficient.
Your gut flora can make it themselves, but most people can’t get enough just from that.
Instead of trying to convert K1 to K2 yourself, it’s much easier to let the cow do it. Unlike you, a cow has four stomachs – digesting tons of plant roughage is exactly what they were designed to do. The cow eats grass rich in K1 and converts it to K2, and the K2 is present in the milk. The fattier the dairy product, the more concentrated the K2, so butter is exactly what you want to be eating to get the full benefits.”

Link to read the excellent post on PaleoLeap.com website.

This recipe is from Aunt Lesley, a wonderful cook.

Buttery Carrots and Rutabaga



Steam carrots and rutabaga until tender then pulse in batches in a food processor leaving them a little chunky not pureed. Stir in butter, and salt if desired.